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Award Requirements

Size requirements

Applying organizations must be:
  • Adult acute hospitals staffing more than 75 beds OR
  • Children's/Pediatric hospitals staffing more than 150 beds

Sub acute (rehab, LTC, SNF, etc .) facilities are not eligible to participate in the award process

Profit & Governance Status

  • Organizations can be of any profit status
  • Organizations can be of any governance model/type (private, public, community, etc.)

Performance requirements

Organizations can be at any level of performance, however only organizations with a significant track record of achievement in reducing labor waste will be invited to formally apply for the Paradigm Award.

Process requirements

  • ALL organizations must first complete the "Self Assessment"
  • All organizations must address any identified deficiencies from the self assessment and have corrective action plans in place
  • All qualifying organizations must complete the formal award application
  • All qualifying organizations must respond to necessary data requests

Award requirements

  • A qualifying score on the self assessment
  • A completed final application
  • Provision of all data request items (including interviews)
  • Application data provided is "in agreement" with data from self assessment
  • Proof of validity attained by award committee

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