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Who you will contact

The award committee is a team comprised of individuals from a variety of firms:

  • Amerinet
  • Workforce Prescriptions
  • OHE

These indivituals donate their time to ensuring the integrity and validity of award presentations.

Contact Information

The award committee can typically be reached Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm EST.

Phone Number: (888) 343-8403

Call answering rotates between members of the committee, this means reaching a live person is not always possible. However, if a message needs to be left, please leave your name, organizations name, title and contact information so the appropriate committee member can reach you.
Email General Contact: awardcommittee@paradigmaward.org
Information Request: info@paradigmaward.org

Email is a shared responsibility to those among the committee, typical response time is less than 3 business days.
Mailing Address Workforce Prescriptions (PA Office)
ATTN: Paradigm Award Committee
324 Twining Rd.
Oreland, PA 19075

Typical response time varies.

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