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The Paradigm Award

Paradigm Statue

The Paradigm Award was created to honor hospitals that have gone above and beyond in their efforts to foster efficient labor practices without resorting to workforce reductions or dramatic top-down mandates. Knowing how difficult this is, The Paradigm Award was commissioned to encourage the recognition and celebration of institutions who consistently try to balance the often contradictory needs of their three main constituencies:

  • Their patients
  • Their staff
  • Their need to remain financially viable

The Paradigm Award is presented to hospitals that have made the greatest measurable strides in improving labor efficiency. The award is conferred during a press conference organized by the recipient's foundation where:

  • The organizations accomplishments are detailed,
  • A national press release is launched,
  • The award is conferred
  • Celebration support material bearing the Paradigm logo are provided
  • And a cash award of $10,000 is presented to the hospital foundation.

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