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Final Application

Applying for the paradigm award consists of five phases:

  • Filling out an initial application (minimal time commitment)
  • Completing the qualification surveys
  • Receiving a qualifying score
  • Completing the formal application
  • Responding to data requests

  1. Filling out the initial application - time commitment: 5 minutes
    Organizations who wish to apply for the paradigm award will first be asked to apply online. This application process is simple, requires no expense and only a couple of minutes to complete. The hospital will be asked for basic identifying and contact information so that key executives can be emailed links to the 6 brief online surveys they will be asked to complete.
  2. Completing the surveys - time commitment: 12-20 minutes per executive
    4-5 key executives will be emailed links to 6 brief online surveys. These surveys are going to ask each executive to evaluate the organization's performance level in a total of 84 areas (an average of 14 areas per survey). Each area will require a single "point & click" selection (on a 5 point scale) and the average survey can be completed within 2 minutes once the executive has begun. In order for this to be an efficient and time-sensitive process, it is important for the key executives to first print out the PDF version of this document and review each of the 84 areas with the appropriate staff responsible for their success. This "pre-discussion" of issues will allow each executive to accomplish 3 key tasks:

    • Hear from the larger organization their views on the state of the union in each area
    • Hear from the larger organization their views of opportunities that still exist for improvement in each area
    • Discuss what steps the organization may still need to take to ensure optimal results in each area

    Once these discussions are completed, the surveys are relatively easy to complete.

  3. Receiving a qualifying score - time commitment: None
    Organizations who wish to apply are required to achieve a "threshold score" on the self assessment. Whether that score is achieved, once the final survey is completed the award committee will respond both electronically and in writing within 10 business days with a report that provides:

    • Results of the self assessment (organizational score)
    • A gap assessment between the organizations score and the qualifying score
    • Details on areas of opportunity/deficiency
    • Basic action plans to overcome deficiencies
  4. Completing the formal application - time commitment: 1-2 man hours
    The formal application is 5 pages long and includes requests for basic organizational information (address, bed sized, etc.) as well as 3 narrative sections:

    • Why we are applying for the Paradigm Award
    • Our philosophy of labor optimization
    • Our labor goals for the next 36 months
  5. Responding to data requests to validate the surveys - time commitment: 10-20 man hours (in aggregate)
    Should the organization receive a qualifying score, Workforce Prescriptions will email a "data-request" document to the administrator who set up the initial application online. This data request document will ask the organization to provide detailed information on several sections of the survey. Requests for data are electronically "randomized" so each organization applying will receive a distinctly unique data request to ensure that organizations cannot "share information" in advance of an application or that an organization who is reapplying (which is allowable one time per quarter) does not address only the validated items from a previous application attempt.

    Data requests are kept brief, typically do not require more than a few hours of compilation and are for information that should be readily available to a qualifying organization. Data requests may include:

    • Copies of polices
    • Copies of certain reports
    • Requests for raw data
    • Requests for phone interviews with key staff members
    • Other requests as identified

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