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Determining Criteria

Workforce Prescriptions initially developed the Paradigm award criteria based upon the findings of audits of over 1200 adult acute facilities. Based on these audits and the further deeper onsite audits of over 150 hospitals, WRX was able to map 48 root causes and 128 correlating factors to labor waste.

Determining Selection criteria

Workforce Prescriptions and their sponsor partners measured the relative financial impact of each root cause and correlating factor to determine which issues provided the greatest efficiency in labor management.

The determinative issues were found to be clustered around 6 operational areas:

  1. The effectiveness of recruiting
  2. Staffing & Scheduling strength
  3. Sources of delays-in-care & Avoidable Days
  4. Productivity measurement & Management
  5. The management of key processes
  6. The governance of key policies

These 6 "Labor Competency Domains" were sub-divided into the 84 specific competencies with the highest correlation to efficiency and bottom line results.

A weighting methodology was then developed that applied points to each of the 84 areas in proportion to that areas impact on overall operational and financial performance and the methodology was then validated against a select group of organizations with varying levels of labor competency.

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